Unless stated otherwise all workshops are run at at the Iorwerth Rowlands Centre
Steeple Lane, Beaumaris, Anglesey.

The following workshop titles will be available throughout the year. Dates to be confirmed.

Body, Heart, Mind and Breath
Practising Yoga with Intention
Bringing Yoga alive on and off the mat
Finding harmony through Yoga
The essence of Yoga
The Art of Vinyasa

Workshops provide the opportunity to explore our yoga practice in more depth, immersing ourselves in the experience of yoga for whole day.

Each workshop investigates a theme, so we have a chance to view an aspect of our practice, which can help to deepen our understanding. They also allow us to explore other “styles” of yoga not covered in a typical class.

Vinyasa flow, yin and restorative yoga are often incorporated into the day. They create a balance between an active yoga form and a quieter floor based practice.

Workshops covering mindfulness principles in yoga and meditation and stress management in the workplace are also offered.